Best Stocks for 2015

With Dow Jones and S&P 500 at their peaks and tech companies like Apple, Microsoft at record highs, 2015 will be another good year to trade tech stocks. Out of all the tech companies, my bet for the best stocks for 2015 are Google and Alibaba. Google is my favorite stock for the past few years and I’m holding the stock for the long term. With the recent drop, it allows me to pick up more shares of the company. Google’s search engine continues to dominate the internet and it’s mobile advertising revenue is increasing year after year. Although growth has been slow down a bit for Google, it is still a good company to invest in.

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Another company that I really like is Alibaba. Alibaba set the record for IPO this year by raising $25 billion after underwriters sold 48 million more shares. The stock then went from $68 IPO price to $120 a share in less than 2 months. The stock then pulled back a little bit in the past 2 weeks and is now trading at $112.67. I think it is a good time to pick up some shares of Alibaba for a couple of reasons. First of all, Alibaba has a really strong leadership team. Jack Ma, the founder and chairman of Alibaba and now the richest guy in China is a smart person. Second, Alibaba dominates the Chinese e-commerce market with over 80% market share and it is officially the largest e=commerce platform in the world. It generates more sales than Amazon and Ebay and is bigger in market caps than Amazon and Ebay combined. In 11/11 this year, Alibaba generates $9 billion in the Singles’ Day sales which is the biggest sales day for Alibaba. In addition, Alibaba’s mobile revenue rose over 1,000% this year. I think the company will perform well in the long term.

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Google and Alibaba are my top 2 picks as the best stocks for 2015.

Last Trading Date: 2019-02-15

Symbol Exchange Open High Low Close Volume Percent
AAPL NASDAQ 171.25 171.70 169.75 170.42 24584960 -0.22%
AMZN NASDAQ 1627.86 1628.91 1604.50 1607.95 4329367 -0.91%
BABA NYSE 168.61 168.77 165.41 166.15 11934753 -1.32%
GOOGL NASDAQ 1139.30 1139.30 1116.72 1119.63 1390600 -0.85%
MSFT NASDAQ 107.91 108.30 107.36 108.22 26572716 1.23%

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